Enrace provides worldclass Software Development Services in Android OS customization, Mobile Application development and Cloud Applications

Enrace is all about its people, people who are committed to problem solving and bring in improvements under challenging conditions.

We belive that the ultimate aim of any technology is to reach the each and individual people for solving their problem and making their life comfortable.

Enrace aims for a high degree of excellence through our Smart, Simple, Persistence and more committed approach to all the products and services that we offer to corporate and individual alike.


Smart means working hard in right direction. It is our passion of being creative and looking for other ways to get work done faster. That is why we focus on automating the work through tools and scripts rather than wasting much time in doing it manually. We think simple by focusing on the solution rather than on the problems.


Innovation involves more than just great ideas. Our people are filled with the qualities of faith, persistence and a laser sharp focus for the end result to keep persisting for our vision in the face of roadblocks.

More Committed:

We are accountable for all we do. We ensure this by applying a systematic self review and collaborative consulting approach to ensure consistent delivery and satisfaction.

            Enrace was founded by a group of young and energetic people, having wide             domain expertise in embedded systems and strong entrepreneurial skills             combined with sound business acumen. The top management has hands on             experience in the complex Consumer electronics product design,                                 development and the company is head quartered in Bangalore, India                            

            Enrace is enjoying strong technical people with indepth mastery in the             following area.

  • Android application Development

  • Android Porting

  • Complete customization of android

  • Android Based TV

  • Game Engine

  • Application Development

  • Product Tools Development

  • Linux Kernel and Device Drivers

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